“I think what’s so enthralling about these installation pieces, and also some of the 3D wall pieces, is that they seem to create a problem of interpreting process. At a glance there’s the suggestion of an event or a moment, but whether that would be a destructive, or a creative, or a conflictual moment, is actually a moment… the apprehension of what’s in front of you. You realize that you’re looking at something that appears to have grown, or shifted, or has been delicately restored, and that there is actually no Birth Moment. There is only a kind of description of struggle between creative, destructive, and reconstructive processes, and that you’re always looking at several of these things at once. You can’t make a back formation out of it, or any narrative out of it. You can’t say: ‘Well, this depicts this interruption or this conflict.’ In fact, it’s always a little stranger than that… or a lot stranger than that.”

– Jonathan Lethem (in conversation with John von Bergen, February 21st, 2014, Berlin)


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